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Since 2004 we have helped more than 100 customers to establish solutions and develop products and services. We are engaged by clients around the world, have worked on 4 continents and in more than 20 countries. We are ready and well prepared for all eventualities. Everywhere!

We have worked in Brazil, Japan, Czech Republic, South Africa, USA, Mauritius, …

  • DFB

    “The co-working was really amazing. Thanks to your spontaneity we got our project to print just on time. Rescued at the last minute!”

    Matthias Eiles, Deutscher Fussball Bund

  • FIFA

    “VGM’s services are always to our our utmost satisfaction. This is creativity, forward thinking and performance at its best.”

    Jiri Dvorak, FIFA

  • Sportfisioverband

    “We only offer the best to our members: that’s why VGM has been our official partner for symposium and web presentations! Since years simply GREAT!”

    Mario Bizzini, SVSP

  • Uni Basel

    “I’d like to express my greatest congratulations on your database. Well done, that is really cool. It is clear and user-friendly.”

    Roland Rössler, University of Basel

  • Zurich Heart House

    “VGM offers their great flair in order to produce fantastic pictures and then edit these to a captivating clip. Dedicated professionals that I can highly recommend”

    Ruth Amstein, Universität of Zurich

  • Emel Music

    VGM listened carefully to what I wanted.
    went the extra mile.
    performed with style.
    delivered exactly, what I had in mind.

    Emel, Popstar



Here you will find a selection of our projects and case studies.

We have worked on a huge number of fantastic projects, too many in fact to show them all here. To give you an idea of what we are capable of, you’ll find a few examples of our work, together with a short summary from our references further down on this page.

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FIFA Programme

FIFA 11 for Health & FIFA 11+ are programs that were realised in a cross-media manner. VGM worked together with Klamedia AG for these purposes.

FIFA 11+ is a program to prevent injuries (operating in more than 50 countries). Our brief was to implement the website, book, DVD and videos. A documentary movie was filmed across 4 continents as a coproduction with Klamedia AG.

FIFA 11 for Health is a program (operating in more than 30 countries) to promote maintaining better health. We filmed and edited all videos together with Klamedia AG and kameramann.ch.

Client: FIFA
Services: Video, DVD, Web, Print
Project URL: FIFA.com

Concussion Conference

For the 4th Int. Concussion Conference we were asked to realise the Corporate Design. This event was organised by the IOC, the NHL, and the International Rugby Board amongst others.

We created the website with registration functions and filmed all presentations contained therein.

The conference video player that we developed meant it was possible to make all presentations available online shortly afterwards by way of an interactive conference transcript. The player works responsively, adapting automatically to different types of layout.

Services: CD, Web, Video
Project URL: Not public


VGM realised a data-recording, online-based, multiuser system for the Sports and Sport Science Department of the University of Basel. TeamRec is a tool used in scientific studies allowing for the safer and more efficient acquisition of data.

The goal of the project was to collect data regarding injuries due to football as well as to collect data re the training of children (more than 100 clubs took part in this project).

All data is accessible and thanks to SPSS it could be quickly evaluated. The system is also being used in the Czech Republic these days.

Client: Universität Basel
Services: Konzept, Realisation
Project URL: Not public


For the Swiss Association of Sport Physiotherapy (SVSP), we organised the annual symposium (> 300 participants), the internet presentation, anniversary movie and the opening.

Sportfiso Switzerland has been a loyal and honoured client for many years. For their 10th anniversary we created a documentary movie: 10 years Sportfiso, with a team accompanying Sportfisio over a one year period.

Furthermore, we created the new symposium website and, as we have done each year, we developed the conference opening, a 30 second animation.

Client: Sportfisio Schweiz
Services: Web, Video
Project URL: sportfisio-symposium.ch


National Geographic
Uni Basel
ETH Zürich
Migros Kulturprozent
Smith & Nephew
US Soccer
FIGC Arbitri


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